The recurrent rape cases across the country involving teenagers especially the girl child within the age bracket of three and twenty years has generated condemnation and a pain in the neck of rational minded people.

           As men of easy virtue continue to perpetrate the act on this vulnerable group of the society, the girl  child become subjected to untold psychological trauma and social disconnect; an experience that could last for a life time.While some people see this act as one way to douse sexual tension on the part of the men that perpetrate the act or do it as a fulfillment of ritual obligation, others see it as a reflection of a society that has relegated virtuous living to the background. 

          But who is to be blamed for this sudden outbreak which has generated enormous fear among the people.Should this vice continue unabated?

           A psychologist and head of kinestic department at the Rivers State College Education,Rumuolumeni,Mr Ejima Christian said sex urge is a strong emotional influence common with human beings.But this drve is expected to be put under check by self control.He said while it is psychological healthy to be aroused sexually,it is demeaning for adulr men to seek sexual satisfaction by compelling teenage girl into sex.

          The girls who become victims eventually exhibit traits of socially malfunctioned behaviour which include tendencies of aggression,suspicious of people,exercise restriction in relationships and abhors feeling of quilt.The transmission of the HIV virus by these mindless guys to innocent girls stands condemned.

           A senior law lecturer at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology,Dr. justice Nwobinke and the State director of Citizen’s Right in the State Ministry of Justice,Mrs. Florence Fiberesima said acts of rape are criminal offences and treated as felony.they noted that most victims finds it difficult to take advantage of the legal provision to seek redress to abuse  of their sexual rights.They said persons who have established their  case have justices meted them.

         They encouraged such victims to always report such abuse to the nearest police station and be willing to provide useful information to facilitate investigation and establish the truth in  in the allegation and eventual surcharge.They affirmed the spite of rape incidences noting that every case is treated on its merit.              

         The state police public relations officer Mrs, Ireju Barasua said most victims are often shy in coming forth to report  abuse on them.Most cases they have handled are those caught in the act with the girl screeming and passerbys or neighbours  quickly intervening and the police alerted.The immediacy makes it easy to have substantive proof to prosecute the case. 

              A cross section of parents who decried the situation pinned it to the increasing gap occasioned by the tendencies to make more money to provide for their wards.When parents leave their wards too long they lose control over what company they keep and become exposed to peer pressure and the overtures of  perpetrators.They called on more attention on their children,desist from sending the to out on street hawking, and value reorientation.  



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