A mentor has an independent knowledge base and expertise to offer a “Lessons for Life” to the protégé. This is a one-on-one relational experience in which one person empowers another person by investing their God-given wisdom and resources.

 The transference of this knowledge will strengthen the protégé’s ability to manage his or herself and relate to other people.To every christian and below, God is an ultimate mentor.

Men have many things to gain when they choose to connect to God and with a  man who has been through the trenches of life. The most essential virtue of interest is the reservoir of knowledge to draw from. One form of being mentored is discipleship. A disciple is simply a learner.

 If we take what we learn from another guy who has traveled the long and dusty road before us, and apply it to our life we gain wisdom. Wisdom is applied knowledge and understanding.

We all want gain but at what price? If gain was free and easy we would all sign up. However, it is not. In order to gain something we need to lose something. Trying to plow our way through life and accepting the rewards of  hard work often times seems like a good enough gain. What seems like great gain and steady progress to you, might be far less than what God has planned for you.

In the second chapter of the first book of the  Bible, God tells us a fundamental truth about ourselves. He says without wavering, ‘It is not good for man to be alone.‘ Why? Because when God created us, he created us as social creatures, to have companionship with one another. Part of companionship is Christian mentoring. There is real value for a Christian man to be mentored along his life journey.

Please pray about who God might have you approach to seek out a relationship specifically for the purpose of being mentored. Pray for boldness and courage to take the risk, pushing the pride aside, and ask another man to invest in you. It’s God’s plan!

As we begin yet another academic session as members of  the Student Christian Movement, there is a charge for us to be determined to grow to heights of success. To learn and continually develop the following  “lessons for life”.We will grow  emotional  intelligence competencies which matter twice as much as IQ or technical skills in academic or job successes.

 Acquaint yourselves with this lesson to create behaviour change and have ideas useful for life with the following as guide.

 1:Accurate self-assessment: be aware of your  strengths and weaknesses. Reflect and learn from other’s experience continuously for self-development. Expect feedback, new perspectives and  show a sense of humor.

2 Trustworthiness: Maintain standards of honesty and integrity. Act ethically and be above reproach.

3 Build trust through reliability and authenticity. Admit mistakes and confront unethical actions in others.Be organized and careful in your work.

4:Adaptability: Be flexible in handling change to smoothly handle multiple demands, shifting priorities, and rapid change. Adapt  responses and tactics to fit fluid circumstances.

5:Achievement drive: Strive to improve or meet a standard of excellence for results-oriented living which combines with a high drive to meet their objectives and standards Set challenging goals and take calculated risks. Pursue information to reduce uncertainty and find ways to do better Learn how to improve their performance.

6 Optimism:Be persistence in seeking and pursuing goals despite obstacles and setbacks. Operate from hope of success rather than fear of failure. See setbacks as manageable circumstance rather than a personal flaw.

7:Empathy: Take action to be Sensitive to others’ feelings and perspective.Be attentive to emotional cues and listen  to others.

8: Leveraging diversity: Cultivating opportunities through diverse people. See diversity as opportunity to excel.

When these become the daily thrust of the mentor, in consonance with the mentee’s interest, success will suffice. 


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