Journalism:Technical Workplace Capability

When I joined ,I was sincerely happy.I got a journalism work and I knew I was on the path of developing my writing skills.This was important to me.The skill was also what is required for the journalism work. The status of  the organisation at the time and now is also coveted  for its reputation.Being on board for me , was for a mission.

Just in a matters of weeks of four, I have demonstrated  desterity,brought a change in script writing pattern,style and presentation.In no time, I built a convincing confidence in the handling of human angle issues. The inclusion of such angle in the daily bullentin was a good blend with other hard news broadcast.

Not too long from then however, the general manager, had carefully noted my zeal,innovation and style.He had verbally encouraged me to keep the forth on.Remarkably, he noted that though the station could not remunerate me adequately as a notable and dependable professional, he believes and urged me to  hope for requisite remuneration someday ,somewhere,sometime in the future.

With all hope stirred within me, I still await that day,place and time for the reward.But as I discharge my duties and write my scripts,my desk editors had always corrected my use of such word as a reporter and replaced it with correspondent when making reference to my witness account.This does not worry me.After all I am a reporter and does reportorial functions.

There is ,however, a public perception that shows a lack of understanding in knowing the distinction between the two.While this can be overlooked ,it will be grievous if a journalist does not know the difference also.The difference between a reporter and a correspondent is in terms of a generalisation and specialisation.While the reporter covers any variety of occurrencies,the correspondent is seen as a  specialist on a particular subject or country.

Reporters and correspondents,however, can be posted anywhere depending on their position and the company they  work for.Usually, the background they come from is different from the news beat they cover.They may have come straight from training.Some would have moved to television from either radio or print journalism.

A good journalist does not need to have a degree.But a capable journalist must be comprehensively trained in order to function in a highly technical workplace.Where time,technology,contacts, network and adherence to efficiecy in upholding the public good, matters.

A reporter may be selected for his motivation and ability to write.It is expected that he understands a wider content of world affairs.The radio journalist has the challenge to  have a good speech delivery capability.The television journalist needs a good visual delivery to convey news reports and the print journalist should build a good expressive writing delivery capability.

This is not about glamour as to cause distractions but about reflecting”presence” and projecting a “star quality”.Richard Sambrook,head:BBC Newsgathering, called it the ‘x-factor’.That is the love of communicating in manner that takes you >the professional> over to using many abilities.Though reporters  may be shy and introvertic,they would need  to activate an internal switch within their mind to themselves to high performance.

The challenge is enormous but the radio journalist would need to cultivate contact in local community[target audience] know what the listeners want to hear and identify the basic ingredient in a category news[agriculture].He should have special knowledge of the community and respect the values.

The methods used to obtain the news will be much as sourcing,interviewing,writing-up,presentation and reporting.For the print journalist,he is well in border of ensuring that he keeps a contact  book,check facts,have a good knowledge of the local community,read other people’s reports and understand what the competition is producing.One thing that has always marked me out is the beauty of my copy.

This is because I know that a well researched,well written piece with a concise informative,pertinent,attention grabbing and well edited  news script is worth a good journalism.It is not enough to be creative with ideas,you must  be able to spell words correctly, and use grammar in the proper perspective.A news writer would also need literary skill in order to invoke life to the text.

Have aptitude for work.Sharpen “your eye” for the most sedate of news, reporters require cadence and rhythm,if  it is to be printed.Journalists should have good eye for style and adopt good writing skill.Literary style is a distinct way of writing that is defined by the reader as well as the writer in much the same way as an accent or style of speech is used.  


2 thoughts on “Journalism:Technical Workplace Capability

  1. I’m looking at your post and I gave up. One massive paragraph with no spacing between sentences makes it almost unreadable. I wouldn’t be too concerned with the rules for paragraphs. Just consider breaking it up every three or four lines.

    Take a look at any newspaper or magazine. Now imagine it was all one paragraph with no whitespace around the borders. You won’t find many because noone would read them.

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