No one saw the beginning but everyone believes that there was and still is a beginning only a master beginner can push forward into a start.

From where He dwells,He started it, putting the times and seasons into space.The masterpiece beginner,God is He and He is not a lie.

He said He was there and science has not disapproved it. Science lay no claim to be there. Philosophy never equals the height and religion is not on that pedestal.

But God has said so.The Almighty God is not a lie.

Created He the heavens,pitched it above the earth,no pecks and pillars.Created  He the earth.The waters beneath it can not wash ‘earth sand’ away.

The raw materials source, no one yet fathoms. The reservoir of the rivers, no one controls.The whole universe is set in His palm.He wills kings’ hearts as He desires.

This God is not a lie.

In His image, so wonderfully,created Him man/woman.With mercy restore He them to glory when they disobeyed.

Then Jesus,God ;in human form,descended.With Mary,His mother be,Golgotha,the road He tread and Calvary, the shame He bore.

The resurrection,a glory crown,the saved man wears to make eternity rest with Him.When you believe Him for salvation and follow Him where He leads,you shall walk the walk of life,

With a God that is not a lie.


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