Every member of the community has something to offer to create a lasting positive impact on friends,nieghbours and public issues.It could take some time to identify the need for change but it will come if concertedly pursued,.The urge of what tangible and monetry gains to get often stands in the way to take initiative for any action.
This is so, especially in communities where there is a large scale of poverty among the people.Poverty intimidates,clothes one with shyness and frustrates.When your status is not better than the situation you want to change,the challenge becomes very enormous.
But we should have  a resolve to continue to be the change and  raise public collaboration against the ills of poverty with a mind to  root it  out,if possible.
The discouragement, sometimes, comes from the well to do individuals whose delight is to flaunt their wealth around to offend the depraved and under privileged.
They build high fences round their living places in a manner to show that they are hiding something away fro the people.Or are they afraid of being attacked?

They also increase the noise in the community they live in with their generating sets that supply the electricity that lit their entire buildings.

Even companies are fast declining to take a lead to break the poverty chain.What is wrong is the question everybody seems to be asking.But the change will come when we get involve in or  join in a person to person discussion of anything thet has been identified as a plaguing issue and approach it with a mindset that seeks to proffer answer to answer the questions.

Building the change and creating  multiply ripples of it could just be the stream to navigate.

Do not always push the task to an imaginary super human.What I have experienced is that when someone takes the boldness to lead, the followership inintially withdraws and grows again when a visible success is made.In the small corner and with what you do set the light to burn out some heat that bring warmth of change.

A young graduate recently approached me to guide him to achieve some goal in creating an impact on a select group of people who he has identified as poor youths in his catchment community area.These youths have been seen to have droped out of school,can not sponsored themselvies to learn a trade and would easily want to join in a cult related activity for social relevance.

As I counsel him, I see a society that would move away from the ebbs of low development to one that rich with youths whose capacities have been built.


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