If  a twenty five per cent of any particular secondary school’s enrolment is diagonized to have kidney related problems,then it is time to have a national out look on the forward thinking imperative that 2008 world day presents.It was in this spirit, probably, that a team of medical students and practitioners embarked on a road show.

 They resounded their voices through the loud speakers on a moving van excorted by other vehicles.The team urged members of the public to eat right,drink right,play right,live right,sleep right and consult the medical practitioner regularly.It is just about time for a new health orientation. 

These urges being the content of the sensitization messages,the team was poised to be a awakening of the consciousness of the public.This is the second time such team of Nophologists were at such activity in the three years such world day was declared by the United Nations;13th March every year. 

Such world day, no doubt, is intended to be used to raise the knowledge level of the members of the public to watch against this Chronic kidney disease that has increased glomerular filtration rate in people. Many other inconveniences suffered include crush injury, hypertension, and uremia. 

The team, at different stops, endeavoured  to stage pieces of playlets to give a more verve to the awareness campaign.But beyoud that, there was the need for some hand bills to have been produced .Such would have been given to members of the public. 

It could provide a more long lasting information tool giving necessary details concerning the disease.Handbills’ descriptive information is invalueable.The absence of any handbills suggested that the road show was ill-planned, impromptu or not well budgeted for to cater for the production of  handbills.

A kidney ‘either one of a pair of organs in the dorsal region of the vertebrate abdominal cavity, functioning to maintain proper water and electrolyte balance, regulate acid-base concentration, and filter the blood of metabolic wastes, which are then excreted as urine. An excretory organ of certain invertebrates.’

 But taking a shot at the 2008 theme; looking back, thinking forward, it is obvious that the snags previous years have witnessed would be taken in stock and a road map drawn for a more ordered action.This resolution should be concerted and well targeted to drive at a change and raise hope.

 Medical practitioners and well meaning individuals at the vanguard of such self less campaign must keep at it.To equip the people with the requisite information that directs the people on how to adhere to preventive measure against  Bright disease; diabetes mellitus; hypertension; kidney failure; nephritis

 The more lack of access to Lots More Information by the people on appropriate manner to live on balance diet on all the food classes plus adequately Maintaining Water Balance and regular exercises the more distanced the needed reversal of the attitudinal would be. 

If this is allowed to stream the wheel be clogged in adhering to the ‘…thinking forward’ process imperatives.This would continue to place people at ‘kidney danger’. 

In Nigeria, the statistic figure of people who come under the danger of kidney failure number thirty thousand adults and one thousand children.This poses enormous fear. To tackle this, Nephrologists are set at a regular campaign targeted at children in secondary schools.

Nephrology concerns itself with the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases including electrolyte disturbances and hypertension, and the care of those requiring renal replacement therapy, including dialysis and renal transplant patients. Many diseases affecting the kidney are not limited to the organ itself, but are systemic disorders, and may require not only a whole patient approach, but also special treatment, such as systemic vasculitides or other autoimmune diseases, such as lupus.The believe is predicated on the fact that most kidney related problems diagonized in adults actually starts at child hood.  So many reasons subsist to have caused chronic kidney failure which include Diabetes mellitus Hypertension. kidney cancer, kidney stones,pyelonephritis,  systemic lupus erythematosus, amyloidosis, Alport syndrome, and oxalosis. In a society where there is a prevalence of poverty,consulting a medical doctor is not a first thought.People can also, scarcely, live right.They indulge in acts inimical to good health, and do not take to heart what should constitute adequate and balance diet.

 If they, at least, could consult the health practitioner,the likelihood of early dictection of the  presence of  kidney disease is possible.This done the patient would need not to die without medical succour.There could also be the possiblilty of a dialysis or  kidney transplantation.

Each of these options is very limited, medically expensive and unaffordable. This makes it more imperative that members of the public stay away from junk food,eat more fruits,quality food,drink proper water and do exercise, at morning and evening time. 

The chairman,medical advisory committee, Dr Aaron Ojule and Professor Felicia Oke said living right and providing useful information on kidney related problems to members of the public is a more worthy way of thinking forward.    


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