Love Life Parents Should Live

  Love has remained the best gift parents can ever give to
their children.This is what is used to build a healthy family.


Demonstrable  love in the family need to be shown independent of how the husband and wife feel towards each.No agression is transferred to the children.


A chat with some parents reveals that whenever a querrell ensured, there is a momentary breakdown of communication,goodwill and ceasure of any pet name that they call themselves.


At such times, the snag is each party expects the other to put an apology forward first.


But if this is not repaired, the corrosion that eats deep into the fabric of the family life is disasterous.


Both the man and the woman need to be partners in this venture to achieve the needed result the partnership should achieve.

A great partnership it could be.


 The children,with the attractive love instinct,become dragged in into the nugget.They see the truth in the love that is  demonstrated by their parents.What they do not see of their parents at home they will not consider very important and useful.The love they see, moulds what type of love and  nurture, they should build.


 Sure, they could argue or querrell, but the maturity shown at such times also gives the children, melting heat of any doubt in their minds that any disagreement can be worked through and resolved.


If husband and wife do not get determined from the outset, to make their relationship work, worked hard at it and nurture it  over the
years to grow,it may not bud that love.


To build a very successful family life, when it gets manifested, could become the envy of the society in which they live.It may have taken tolerance,prayers,crying, rejection and lone times.Those may not be seen.

They may not also consider the prevalency of weakness in the strenght that is overt.


This is because husband and wife worked together, outlining their guiding rules that has cloud their weaknesses and  rather projected their strengths.


Such qualities count less when it comes to showing the concern,cuddling, attention and the play time that the family should share together.


Words matter.and the words teach, whether positively or
negatively.Uncomplimentary unglowing terms should be minimized if not afforded.


Orders must be kept within the frame of the sense of  flexibility both to the children and hired workmen.No negative banter on  issues.What the children see teaches them more about  about loving and respecting people.Build them with positive words to power their creativity.


One thought on “Love Life Parents Should Live

  1. This article is good to read and share with others. Do you have any study on African Traditional Parenting that shows our positive way of caring for children. The reason that I said this is because no matter how we face poverty and other related problems the care and support mechanisms to elderly is significant. This is the result of bondage between parents and the children


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