Economically Progressive Port Harcourt

It is a reality that has remained undisputed, publicly acknowledged and that the capital city of Rivers State and indeed to entire state is the country’s economic base. It is the highest producers of the crude oil that has sustained Nigeria’s economy.

Most people do not know much about Niger Delta. It is in this region that Port Harcourt city is located.

 Today , as a proof of what span of capacity it has , it has been  admitted into  the World Energy City Partnership. This places it as the third of such countries in Africa and   running behind Luanda and Equatorial Guinea.

The admission followed its presentation by the Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce led by its chairman at the May 2008 conference in Houston, Texas. There a public acknowledgement of the new dimension of the role that  Port Harcourt plays globally. The attestation is that the city is an economically progressive city.

Nigerian’s President,Umaru Musa Yar’Adua told newsmen on the 8th July,2008,two days before he declares open  the  oil and gas conference and mini exhibition at Abuja,that  the acceptance is another landmark achievement of his administration.

President of the Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, Prince Billy Gillis Harry said the admission  places it in a better position for global investments.

According to him, WEPC is a platform for the partnership in energy among the 15 member-cities in the world and operates as an elite oil activity city recognised globally and would also benefit from the attention member cities enjoy.


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