Imperative of mentoring


It will be a great comfort if one had come to your assistance to solve or get a task done that you have spent longer time fixing. This is what mentoring avails the ill experienced individual and helps him/her attain set or required goals faster and maximize potentials.

We all want gain but at what price? If gain was free and easy we would all sign up. However, it is not. In order to gain something we need to lose something. Trying to plow our way through life and accepting the rewards of  hard work often times seems like a good enough gain. What seems like great gain and steady progress to you, might be far less than what God has planned for you.

One form of being mentored is discipleship. A disciple is simply a learner. If we take what we learn from another guy who has traveled the long and dusty road before us, and apply it to our life we gain wisdom.

Want some mentoring help then look for a mentor in your community.


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