Raising Political Awareness Among Christians

 To continue to provide support services to the church and its members, a non-denominational organization, Divine Elect Sapphire Club [DESC] orgainsed its end of year seminar to encourage Christians to assume their roles and give positive leadership to the society.

The seminar with the theme  ‘Christians in Politics’ had the deputy leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Mr. Hope Ikiriko, the deputy speaker of Ogun State House of Assembly, Mr. Remmy Hazzan in attendance.

The lawmakers noted that some Christians despise politics because of the conception that it is rough and evil forgetting that the products of every political process also determine their fate as citizens of the country. They observed that when Christians refuse to participate in politics, they deny the society godly leadership. While noting that increased Christian participation and amendment of some sections of the nations constitution will change the fate of politics, they urged Christians to identify and register with political party of the choice right in their local government wards.

They said Christians must be bold to display their Christ’s brand which will check the kind of issues that may be brought to them and they can not be compelled to walk wrongly. There is room to fail and Christians should not fear to fail but hold up discipline, loyalty, respect circular leaders, be diligence, integrity and be interested to read up political news and activities.

Other speakers like Mrs. Christy Bature-Ogbuifu and Pastor Ola Soji dismissed the thinking that politics was ungodly pointing out that prophets like Daniel, David and Esther were strategically positioned to influence government policy and ensure adherence to God’s injunctions. They said the essence of the cross that demand self sacrifice and service including proper education and mobilization of Christian youth into politics would do a difference.

Mr. Anthony Ikpor is the president of the club that was inaugurated in 2002 with ten persons and had grown to have twenty members who are all professional and donate resources to keep the club going. Mr. Ikpor said the club had engaged in welfare services to the less privileged and assisted in eradicating various forms of social discrimination in the society. He said the club will continue to provide useful education to Christians on how to become investment giants, know how to set achievable goals, inculcate positive virtues and know their HIV/Aids status.

The seminar, he said was organized to tell Christians that politics should not be left for the ‘so called corrupt people,’ who had ploughed the nations into untold lack of developmental problems.


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