Nigeria In Jega Claws

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It was a drama and an ugly one to see members of the National Youth Service Corps recruited for the national elections made to sleep on open floor at the Obio/Akpor Council secretariat. The Corp members had seen names of none corps members on the list and had protested. So a new one had to be drawn and late into the night.

So the corps members, desperate waited to know where they were posted. This compelled them to be so exposed to the vagaries of the wheather.

 Professor Attahiru Jega looked physically shaken at 1245hr on Saturday, 2nd April when he walked into the conference hall. It was to address stakeholders and the press, more importantly. The rumour on the postponemnet of the national general elections would be put to rest. It had suffered a hinge. And so it was and Jegga called the situation and an EMERGENCY.

Professor Attahiru Jega said the vendor to who it had commissioned to produce the electorial materials, especially the sensitive ones including  result sheets to parts of the country had failed to be early. And the  commission had no choice than take the difficult but necessary decision to postpone the National Assembly elections billed for that day.

 The Chairman deeply regretted this situation and apologised to Nigerians for the hardship this may have created, and reiterated that the commission is fully committed to conducting free, fair and credible elections for Nigerians.


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