Bamanga Turkur To lead PDP Of Nigeria

Chief Bamanga Turkur had pulled 3185 votes at the 2012 National Convention of the People Democratic Party [PDP] to emerge as the chair to steer the affairs of the Party for the next four years. He was the only man standing to contest for the position after the other contenders stepped down amidst hazy conditions of touted compromise, and announced to the all the delegates present at the Eagle Square in Abuja that they were stepping down to please the party. Their decision was also to please the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, giving the reason that it was in the best interest of the party that they step down.

Dr. Sam-Sam Jaja was returned unopposed as the National Deputy Chair and Chief Olagunsola Oyilola pulled 3061 votes to emerge as the national secretary in a convention that gathered about five thousand delegates. Dr. Bello Muhammed the chair electoral committee made the announcement.

Chief Bamanga Turkur said with the election now over, it was penitent to know that everybody in the party is a winner, called on board to lead in the best way possible to take the party to greater height. He noted that the travail experienced in the country requires that only unity can overcome the imposing differences of the various nationalities, and be resolved that under the Party’s umbrella of freedom everybody will be given a pride of place. His victory will not be for personal gain, he had held a long lasting dream believing that all effort needed to be geared to build a strong and united Nigeria.

He said Nigeria since 1999 entrusted its destiny to PDP and that behoves on it to tackle poverty and enforce national unity. Without peace, it is difficult to make progress at the local, state and national level. We cannot wish away our neighbours that live with us, let our dream be of a common goal and forge agreement that nothing will be impossible if we do not lose sight of the need to pursue social justice and good governance. Let us be honest to tell ourselves the truth that our party is not a perfect one and resolved to respect all, honour the separation of power and the integrity of our programme in line with the party constitution to modernize our operation to conform to current reality.

If we are disorganised and confused, we cannot make progress, we need to define clearly the path we must tread to correct the decay in the society, combat corruption that impinges on quality governance. He assured that PDP will enthrone a stable political order, the rule of law and called for hands across the regions to be on deck to build a new Nigeria.

Namadi Sambo who represented President Goodluck Jonathan noted that PDP will continues to lead, remaining as a formidable party that unite all culture and religion. The challenge is to make the party more cohesive, enforce discipline, ensues bickering that divide us, and the growing obsessions of the politics leading to 2015, He said PDP should be a party of fresh idea and innovation to remain relevance in the minds of the people.

The party must be a melting pot of ideas, set best standard of discipline in Nigeria and at continental level. We must align our agenda to make development and grow the economy, which the government had endeavoured to do. Out of the ten power stations built, three would be inaugurated this year and gas energy is explored powered by a gas master plan that provides a road map of gas provision for domestic use. We must enlarge the frontiers to stabilise our democracy, make votes counts, freedom of expression, association, amendment of the national constitution that would strengthen out unity, now before the national Assembly. We are committing to make a difference in building strong institutions and along the part of creating eighty thousand jobs across the country.

We are resolving to fight terrorism to protect the sanctity of life. Let PDP improve its capacity to mobilise for a national transformation and fight corruption to a stand still. For the people are short changed when the preponderance of corruption is a common indices they see that frustrate the provision of social amenity and society that should promote healthy completion.

Chair of the convention planning committee, Ojo Madukwe noted that the national convention was a proof that the party can harvest the gains of the internal democracy, which it had pursued with maturity and attained. He asserted that PDP is the only truly democratic party that had carried out successful congressed from the wad levels to state and now at the national level with the candidate enjoying a near one hundred percent support  of their candidature, and returned.

We need uncompromising loyalty towards national patriotism and to the party and given the full effect it’s constitution, the party had come so close to a flawless and hinge-free convention where leaders are elected, a sure model for Africa countries to emulate. He said the entire party adopted one constitution, the party review membership registered within the out going tenure and members were chosen as approved by the constitution to qualify for election. The last being that the environment for the national convention is secured and crisis free.

A former Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mkie Okiro who was the chair of the security sub-committee said his committee was constituted on Wednesday three days to the convention day and suffered time constraint, lacked of sufficient fund for the security egg-head put together to ensure a crisis free convention. Their security model did not allow for carnival like displays of cultural troupes known of party convention since 1999. To ensure that people did not moved about, they were allowed to come to the Eagle Square with their water and food. The police also was suspicious of every item, unlacing watches from wrists, debarred delegates from bringing in bags, and other personal jewelleries. But the Police officers were more polite than you would find of officers on the streets.


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